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Build a Wedding Dress Design

What is Build a Wedding Dress?

  Dreaming of the perfect wedding dress, but can’t find it anywhere… so why not Build a Wedding Dress? We are a professional subcontracting service to plan, pattern, and cut the individual pieces of your dream dress using our machinery and expertise – then ship these components to you, ready to be sewn and fit by your […]

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Pleating 101

For those of you who don’t like to read online, we just compiled a PDF document so you can easily print it out and read it on the go!  The title is Pleating 101 and it lays the foundation of the basic types of pleats and how they combine to make more complex pleated styles. (more…)

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pleated scarves in snowflake arrangement

Pleated Hermes Scarf Repair

First off, I would like to wish everybody on the planet a Happy & Healthy New Year 🙂 Here are some before and after pics of the pleating restoration project. The subject was a few Hermes Scarves that were the victim of some unfortunate accident. So we were determined to restore these scarves back to their beautiful […]

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What is a #pleatninja?

What is a #pleatninja?

First let’s define pleating, the systematic folding of fabric.  Now, I’m sure you know what a ninja is but lets take a look at the origin.  According to, nin- = endure and -ja/-sha = person.  Therefore, we can conclude that a #pleatninja is a person that endures to master the art of pleating 🙂 and yes I […]

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