Ebooks – PDF:

Pleating 101 – This PDF breaks down pleating to the basic types of pleating. This is a must read!

Pleated Bias Skirts: Cutting & Calculating – This PDF assists in predicting fabric consumption for bias circle skirts based on the fabric width and length of the skirt.  Can be used for non pleated garments as well.

How to Use Machine Pleating – This PDF shows some examples of various styles of machine pleating and gives some examples of different types of garments that can be created.  


Sewing Patterns:

Sunburst Pleated Skirt Pattern – PDF pattern for a short sunburst pleated skirt.

Sewing Instructions for Sunburst Skirt Pattern 



Sunburst Pleating Order Form

Straight Table Pleating Order Form

Machine & Organic Pleating Order Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Swatch Request Form


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