More Pleated Potato Chip Wrapers

If you haven’t figured it out by now…we try to pleat everything.  There aren’t many things left on this planet that we have not tried to pleat.  This time we pleated some more Doritos bags, Lay’s potato chips and some Honey Graham wrapper.  Some we pleated side pleat and some box pleat and we are starting to get our wheels spinning on some cool things to make with them.  How we up-cycle these pleated packaging will be a surprise though.  We let you see what we come up with.  So stay tuned….

box pleated lays potato chip bag, plisse potato chip, recycled potato chip, international pleating service

box pleated lays potato chip bag, upcycled, up-cycled plisse, international pleating service new york city

side pleated doritos chips, recycled plisse doritos, international pleating plisse

box pleated malt o meal, pleated recycled malt-o-meal honey grahams, international pleating

box plisse, box pleated malt-o-meal, honey graham pleating, international pleating service USA

gogo appleapple, pleated apple sauce to go, plisse apple sauce wrapper, recycled candy wrapper, international pleating New york


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